Wastewater treatment

Polyacrylamide as a flocculant can be widely used in industrial wastewater, industrial and domestic mixed wastewater and domestic sewage treatment. Its application areas include the segregation of solid liquid water treatment in the following industries:

Industrial sewage and sludge treatment: sequestration of sequestration of sewage in oil, metallurgy, electricity, chemical, coal, paper wastewater, printing and dyeing, leather, pharmaceutical, food, stone and other industries, wastewater treatment and recycling of wastewater.


Introduction of drinking aquatic grade polyacrylamide products

Potable polyacrylamide is mainly used in raw water treatment, sugar production, fermentation and other fields. Adding polyacrylamide to settlement flocculation in raw water treatment can effectively reduce the dosage of polyaluminum, thus reducing excessive sludge production, recommended brand ZX-A356, ZX-A456. In the sugar industry, polyacrylamide is used to flocculate and precipitate bagasse in sugar solutions to obtain clarified sugar solutions. ZX-A556 is recommended. PAC and PAM can be used for the separation and purification of sugarcane waste molasses. ZX-A356, ZX-A556 are recommended. In the fermentation industry, recovery of solid matter in the gruel water separated from alcohol, recommended brands ZX-A356, ZX-A556; In the process of mesocin fermentation, polyacrylamide was selected as flocculant to realize the efficient flocculation of mesocin fermentation liquid and improve the performance of liquid-solid separation. ZX-C9040 is recommended.


Usage and dosage:

1. use, with 0.1-0.4% concentration of aqueous solution, to use neutral water without salt debris is appropriate;

2. When dissolving, evenly sprinkle anionic polyacrylamide products into the stirring water, and the stirring speed is controlled at 50~200rpm. Appropriate heating (< 60°C), can accelerate the dissolution;

3. adjust the PH value of the treated liquid, so that anionic polyacrylamide products play a full role (through the test to choose the best PH value and the dosage of this series of products;

4. adding anionic polyacrylamide product solution, should accelerate the mixing with the treated liquid, after the emergence of flocculant, slow down the stirring, to facilitate the flocculant growth and accelerated settlement.

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