Paper production

Our company has been committed to the research and development and production of papermaking chemicals for many years, mainly to help retain filter aids and papermaking dispersants.

Dispersing agent for paper production

The addition of polyacrylamide dispersant in the paper production process can effectively prevent the fibers from reuniting, can improve the uniformity of the paper. Our company's paper sprayer can dissolve within 60 minutes. With low dosing, it can promote good fiber dispersion and excellent paper molding effect, improve the uniformity of pulp and paper softness, and improve the strength properties of paper. Suitable for all kinds of toilet paper, napkins, face wipes and other household papers and other thin pages, etc. D., It can completely replace PEO in some paper mills.


Application and consumption of the disperser for paper production

1. The dispersant is prepared in a solution with a concentration of 0.1-0.5% for use. Sprinkle 1 kg of dispersant evenly into 1 ton of water, mix and sprinkle, filter through a 40-mesh screen 1 hour after dissolution to get a dilute solution in stock, dilute 3-5 times more water when using.

2. When adding, it should be added in front of the grid as far as possible, you can add it to a cage, a sandbox or a high box, but it is best to directly add the cage with a dropper the width of the cage, control the flow rate with a valve.

3. As a rule, tons of paper are consumed by 500-1500 ppm, but they also vary depending on the paper produced and the fillers added.

Auxiliary filter reagent

The cationic auxiliary filter can improve the retention of fibers, fillers, fine fibers and other chemicals, bring a clean and stable moist chemical environment, save the consumption of cellulose and various chemicals, reduce production costs, improve paper quality and BDM production efficiency. A good auxiliary filter is a prerequisite and a necessary factor to ensure the smooth operation of the BDM and good paper quality. It is necessary to choose a suitable product according to various conditions, usually polyacrylamide with a high molecular weight has a wider adaptation to the PH of the system (PH range 4-10).

Application and consumption of filter reagent for paper production

1. The sequence of adding an auxiliary filter reagent: cationic starch-neutral glue-cationic diffuser

2. Dosage: 100-200pm

3. Dilution concentration: 0.1-0.3%

4. Additive point: get as close as possible to the front box of the BDM mesh, provided that uniform mixing with the paper material is ensured.

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